图片说明图片说明ALCOR Micro推出最佳之Flash CR Controller Advantages解决方案:
1. WW No. 1 flash card reader controller vendor today
2. Good tracking record both in USB1.1 and 2.0 generations
3. We know what our customers needed
a. Integrated 5V to 3.3V LDO to save BOM cost
b. Power saving mode
c. Flash card over current Protection
d. HID copy button
e. Tri-state bus design for other hosts to access the bus
f. Turbo USB driver ready
g. Selective suspend driver ready

Single LUN Multi Flash CR Controller Feature Comparison

Multi-LUN Flash CR Controller Feature Comparison

AMIC (联笙电子) 推出最佳Memory解决方案:

1. 512K / 1M / 2M / 4M / 8M / 16M / 32M …等SPI Serial Flash
2. 1M / 2M / 4M / 8M / 16M / 32M …等Parallel Flash
3. 8K*8 / 32K*8 / 128K*8 / 64K*16 / 128K*16 / 256K*8 / 256K*16 / 512K*8 / 512K*16 …等
Low Power SRAM
4. 128K*8 / 256K*16 / 512K*8 …等High Speed SRAM


ETRON 推出SDRAM、DDR1、DDR2之最佳 Memory解决方案:

依不同厂牌的Chip set可搭配ETRON下列DRAM:

● EM636165TS-5G/6G/7G:1M*16 SD / 3.3V / 200MHz ( 166MHz/143MHz ) / TSOP
● EM638165TS-6G/7G:4M*16 SD / 3.3V / 166MHz ( 143MHz ) / TSOP
● EM638325TS-6G:2M*32 SD / 3.3V / 166MHz / TSOP
● EM639165TS-6G:8M*16 SD / 3.3V / 166MHz / TSOP
● EM639325TS-6G/7G:4M*32 SD / 3.3V / 166MHz ( 143MHz ) / TSOP
● EM63A165TS-6G:16M*16 SD / 3.3V / 166MHz / TSOP
● EM6A9160TSA-5G:8M*16 DDR1 / 2.5V / 200MHz / TSOP
● EM6AA160TSB-4G/5G:16M*16 DDR1 / 2.5V / 250MHz ( 200MHz ) / TSOP
● EM6AB160TSC-5G:32M*16 DDR1 / 2.5V / 200MHz / TSOP
● EM68B16CWPA-18H/25H:32M*16 DDR2 / 1.8V / 1066MHz ( 800MHz ) / BGA
● EM68C16CWVB-18H/25H:64M*16 DDR2 / 1.8V / 1066MHz ( 800MHz ) / BGA


ITTI Company LTD提供车用娱乐使用之石英音叉、石英晶体、石英振荡器(XO)、压控晶体振荡器(VCXO)、温补晶体振荡器(TCXO)和各种型式的尺寸包装的石英元件,目前常用元件如下:

TCXO 12MHz 3.2*2.5
TCXO-16.369MHZ or 16.367mhz
TCXO系列 5*3.2mm / 3.2*2.5mm /2.5*2.0

Nuvoton (新唐科技)推出车用娱乐PVR最佳解决方案:

Pernas & 3’th Party launched World's 1st PVR GPS Tracker Information system which can support Real time tracking express lorry for Car application. It can also be easily scaled up to support Car/Personal accident occurs real time sent the picture to backend server for Car insurance company and emergency center.

Assemble Component
DSP: W99803EAG
MCU: W99100
Audio Codec: WAU8822YG
Memory: W9864G2, W19B320, W25Q16
Vehicle video record for security control
Personal travel camcorder /Fleet management/AVL
Officials and Home video record for security control
Officials and Dignitaries vehicle safety control in the field
Enhance customer services by providing reassurance and assistance when needed
Aids personnel in an emergency situation
Clear verify the duty of driver when car accident happened in real time through this device
Monitor and detect unnecessary movement or un-authorized trips
Better control and management of field personnel/workforce/fleet

PDC (信昌电子陶瓷) 推出Chip Inductor最佳解决方案:

SiTime推出1 MHz以上之全系列OSC最佳解决方案:

MEMS技术设计正在脱颖而出取代传统的石英晶体设计,除了创新MEMS谐振器技术之外,MEMS振荡器内部设计亦不断提升,利用MEMS谐振器达到输出频率的变化效能,采用Sigma-Delta Fran-N PLL锁相环作为倍频电路,也成为技术设计要点。高度整合MEMS技术、低功耗电路设计和电路模组,超小超薄封装的MEMS振荡器对于可携式产品的设计特具吸引力,其可编程功能更可满足消费电子产品快速开发周期、短期内大量交货的发展特性。

参考时脉信号系统设计时脉信号对于所有电子产品就像是心跳对所有动物的生命一般重要,所有电子电路的动作都以此重复性且稳定的时脉信号做为参考信号源。设计优良的时脉信号, 几乎是系统是否能够达到高效能、持续性稳定工作的重要基础。

一般而言,系统设计的参考时脉信号可由不同的时脉元件来产生,如谐振器(Resonator)、振荡器(Oscillator)以及时脉产生器(Clock Generator),不同的系统设计会根据不同的设计考量,选择不同的元件来提供参考时脉。谐振器是利用机械震动原理,加上一个外部谐振电路来产生周期性振荡信号,一般该谐振电路会被整合在芯片之中。振荡器元件则是将谐振器以及谐振电路整合于一4或6针脚的封装中,用以输出参考时脉信号。而时脉产生器则是较为复杂的时脉信号输出元件,一般此类元件需要一个外部参考谐振器,内部则整合一个或多个锁相环(Phase Lock Loop;PLL),来产生一个或数个参考时脉输出的信号。对于所有的系统设计而言,无论使用何种时脉元件作为电路设计时的参考信号,均需要一个稳定且品质良好的周期信号,包括良好的波形、duty cycle、较短的爬升时间及下降时间(rising time & falling time)、以及准确重复性的边缘时间。


SiTime产品包装:SMD 2.5 x 2.0 mm、3.2 x 2.5 mm、5.0 x 3.2 mm、7.0 x 5.0 mm

TAEJIN (韩商泰进)推出车用最佳电源管理解决方案:


● 市场应用-汽车电子

● 2.5 x 2.0 mm SMD Crystal – XY Type
- Typical 2.5 x 2.0 x 0.55 mm ultra thin ceramic package.
- 8 mm width Tape & Reel package for automatic assembly.
- Tight tolerance 10 ppm available.
- Packing: Tape & Reel, 1000/2000/3000pcs per Reel.
- Bluetooth , Mobile phone, Wireless LAN.
- Office Automation
- Audio & Vedio

Viking 推出芯片Resistors、Inductors产品应用于汽车电子、娱乐产品:


AS Series-此系列产品具抗硫化功能非常适合应用于汽车电子系统包含汽车娱乐系统等


SMD Power Inductor PCS Series for DC/DC converters of car navigation system
Chip Beads For Power Line of car navigation system
Chip Beads For Signal Line of car DVD player
SMD Inductors NL Series For Power Line of car audio

Winbond (华邦电子)提供最佳之 Memory解决方案:

Winbond's W25X and W25Q SpiFlash® Memories feature the popular Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), densities from 1M to 128M-bit, small erasable sectors and the industry's highest performance. The W25X family operates up to104MHz and supports "Dual-Output SPI", effectively doubling the clock rate to 208MHz. The W25Q family is "superset"
compatible with W25X devices while adding Dual-I/O and Quad-I/O SPI for even higher performance.
Clock rates up to 104MHz achieve an equivalent of 416MHz (50M-Byte/S transfer rate) when using Quad-SPI. This is more thaneight times the performance of ordinary Serial Flash (50MHz) and even surpasses asynchronous Parallel Flash memories
while using fewer pins and less space. Faster transfer rates mean controllers can execute code (XIP) directly from
the SPI interface or further improve boot time when shadowing code to RAM

W25X SpiFlash Family

- 1M to 64M-bit, superset compatible with 25P
- Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), Dual Output SPI
- Uniform 4KB & 64KB erase
- Space saving packages (SOIC, WSON, DIP, KGD)

W25Q SpiFlash Family

- 4M to 128M-bit, superset compatible with 25X
- SPI, Dual SPI and Quad SPI
- Uniform 4KB, 32KB & 64KB erase
- Erase and Program* Suspend/Resume
- Quad Page Program
- Security: Lock-down, ID#, OTP Registers*
- Compatible read-only SpiROM™ Device

Parallel Flash Memory – W29GL Family